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MALAYSIA: Private Candidates will need to submit their diploma applications/combine certificate to the nearest appointed key centres.

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HONG KONG: Private Candidates will need to submit their diploma/replacement applications to either St.Perth College or Hong Kong School of Commerce.

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MALAYSIA : Private Candidates are required to register Series exams at your nearest appointed key centres.


SINGAPORE: Private Candidates to apply for their post-results services via British Council Singapore.



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Teaching Resources


As an awarding body with many years experience, we understand that supporting teachers is essential for effective teaching and student success. This is why we provide a range of resources to support teaching, learning and exam preparation. These include:

Current and past syllabuses - these provide clear information on the topics to be covered in the course and the learning outcomes students should achieve. They are invaluable when designing courses and planning lessons.
Sample and past papers - to enable students to practise and to get a feel for what will be expected of them in the examination.

To download these materials free of charge, simply locate the desired qualification in the Qualification Search facility and go to "free downloads"

Additional resources for registered centres

Registered centres may also download the following additional support materials via the Qualification Search facility after logging in with their username and password:

A more extensive range of past papers
Model answers - examples of ideal examination answers for our most popular subjects.
Support Packs and Guidance Documents - a variety of resources which give further information on our qualifications and their assessment, as well as guidance on content delivery.
Annual Qualification Reviews - these provide information on students' performance in recent exams and highlight general strengths and weaknesses with recommendations for improving performance. See sample of an Annual Qualification Review.
Workbooks - these are currently available for qualifications such as JETSET, Introductory Certificate in Marketing and the Introductory Certificate in Book-keeping. Some of these may be downloaded from the qualifications page of the website.


To further support the teaching and learning process, we are developing a new resource called the Teachers' Tool Kits for many of our qualifications. These are being developed by experienced teachers and chief examiners and include Schemes of Work along with a variety of additional integrated resources for teachers and students. These new resources will inspire teachers and encourage them to use different ideas, teaching practices and techniques in their delivery of our qualifications. Click here to view a sample.

Online placement tests

Not sure which qualification is right for your candidates? Ask them to take one of our free Test your Skills online placement tests. Based on their score, you will find information on the type and level of qualification appropriate for your candidates. A Test your English placement test is currently available and we are developing similar tests for our other qualification suites.