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MALAYSIA: Private Candidates will need to submit their diploma applications/combine certificate to the nearest appointed key centres.

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HONG KONG: Private Candidates will need to submit their diploma/replacement applications to either St.Perth College or Hong Kong School of Commerce.

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MALAYSIA : Private Candidates are required to register Series exams at your nearest appointed key centres.


SINGAPORE: Private Candidates to apply for their post-results services via British Council Singapore.



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How LCCIIQ can help your business?

LCCI International Qualifications are used as benchmarks for employers around the world, and are also recognised by professional bodies and universities. Our vocational qualifications are based on occupational standards, including Finance, Business & Administration, Marketing and Customer service. This means that they provide your staff with the knowledge and skills to do their jobs efficiently and effectively.

Our qualifications in English and Employability Skills will also help your staff to improve their personal effectiveness in the workplace. Many employers use LCCI International Qualifications as part of their skills development programmes, providing staff with personal and professional development, increasing motivation and morale, and promoting a learning culture in the workplace. Many also use them in their recruitment process to ensure that they hire the right staff.

LCCI International Qualifications are available at different levels and across the key areas of business, making them suitable for staff from junior to management level. So, whether you want to develop your teams' all-round business skills or improve their Business English, choosing an LCCI International Qualification makes good business sense.

EDI also works with international employers to deliver tailor-made solutions for their training needs. Please see the information on Customised training programmes.

Interesting Information for you!

Qualification Levels
Qualification levels help students to decide which qualifications they need for their career progression and help employers to assess the level of knowledge and skills a candidate has, and which job roles they are best suited for.
Qualification Equivalence
The level of a qualification indicates how it compares, in terms of standards, to other qualifications of that level.
Accreditations and Recognitions
LCCI International Qualifications are awarded by EDI is accredited by UK regulatory authorities and by many regulatory bodies and Ministries of Education around the world.
Customised Training Programmes
Employers who wish to invest in the development of their staff may find the LCCI International Qualifications do not always meet their exact requirements. Therefore, we also offer programmes tailored to the specific needs of your business.
Case Studies
For details of success stories involving EDI’s customers, products and services.
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