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MALAYSIA: Private Candidates will need to submit their diploma applications/combine certificate to the nearest appointed key centres.

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HONG KONG: Private Candidates will need to submit their diploma/replacement applications to either St.Perth College or Hong Kong School of Commerce.

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MALAYSIA : Private Candidates are required to register Series exams at your nearest appointed key centres.


SINGAPORE: Private Candidates to apply for their post-results services via British Council Singapore.



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Sri Lanka


How to become an RTC in Sri Lanka?

Joining the LCCI International Qualifications community as a registered Centre is a straightforward process:

Step 1: Establish which qualifications you would like to offer using the Qualification Search.
Step 2: Obtain a Centre Approval Form. (Find below)
Step 3: Complete the relevant sections.
Step 4: Include copies of CVs and qualification certificates of teachers who will be delivering the courses.
Step 5: Sign and date the form.
Step 6: Send the approval form to your local LCCIIQ representative.
Step 7: We will contact you to confirm approval, assuming that your Centre meets our criteria.

1 (a) RTC Application Form

   (b) RTC Application Form Guidance


2 (a) RTC Additional Award Application Form

   (b) RTC Additional Award Application Form Guidance